The Ultimate Guide On How to Pronounce Gyro

January 12th, 2018


You’re next in line to order and sweating bullets, getting nervous to put your order in because you’re unsure of the proper pronunciation of your favorite Greek wrap. At Gre.Co on Boston’s Newbury Street, we know it’s a tough one to get down so we’re happy to offer some insight. Use our tips below to learn more about gyro and be confident next time you order this delicious wrap.

What is Gyro?

If you’re new to Greek food, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Gyro is one of the most popular Greek meals bought and sold all over the world. The wrap typically includes a combination of meat, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce but each restaurant has their own way of perfecting the popular dish. In many places, you have a choice of which meat you’d like, usually beef, pork, chicken or lamb. Depending on the vendor, you’ll also have the option of adding a sauce of your choice, most commonly tzatziki. The wrap has become wildly popular in recent years, with countless restaurants and vendors around the world selling their interpretation of the classic Greek dish.

Origins of Gyro

Many people mispronounce gyro because they try to do so phonetically. To better understand the word’s pronunciation, it is best to understand the origin of the word. The name for this ever-popular sandwich comes from γύρος, which is Greek for “turn,” an ode to the verticle rotisserie used to cook the meat. In Greek, the sandwich is pronounced “ˈʝiros” which is where the American pronunciation originates.

Pronouncing Gyro Like A Pro

Now that you know about the word’s origin, it’s time to give the pronunciation a try. Don’t let the leading “g” throw you off. The best phonetic interpretation is “YEE-RO.” It sounds similar to the European Union’s currency “euro,” for comparison. For even more help, here’s a video so you can hear it for yourself:

Best Gyro In Boston

Now that you can be confident in your delivery, it’s time to get out there and try out what you’ve learned. If you’re in Boston, MA and looking for a tasty gyro in the city, you’re in luck! Gre.Co is located in Back Bay on Newbury Street surrounded by the best shopping around. Head to our restaurant for a quick bite or stay a while, the choice is yours! If you enjoy our gyros, inquire about catering your next event with us!