Introducing Loukoumades: Honey Puffs of Heavenly Goodness

February 12th, 2018

What are Loukoumades?

If you’ve never had loukoumades, you are seriously missing out. One of the most common desserts you can find anywhere in Greece as well as Greek restaurants around the world, it’s hard to find something not to love about these sweet dough balls. Follow along to learn about the history of loukoumades, how they’re prepared, and where you can find them near you!

How Are Loukoumades Prepared?

Loukoumades are dough balls fried to perfection and flavored with a range of toppings but traditionally are served with honey, cinnamon, and walnuts or sesame seeds. The dough is fried to the point where its outside is a golden crisp while the middle maintains a warm but doughy consistency. Though best known for their original honey and cinnamon toppings, more modern interpretations are being explored by countless Greek restaurants. One of our favorites is loukoumades topped with marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers!

Where did Loukoumades Originate?

Loukoumades can be traced back to the Olympic Games in Greece way back in 776 BC where they were presented as prizes for the winners! The precise origin of these treats is constantly debated, as several different countries have been making them for hundreds of years. From Mediterranean countries like Greece and Cyprus to the Middle East and South Asia, many regions have put their own spin on this delicacy but none can make it quite like the Greeks.

Where Can I Find Loukoumades?

If you’re looking for loukoumades and are relatively close to Athens, you have the chance to try some of the best loukoumades in the world! There are countless places to find great loukoumades, from fine dining establishments to street vendors on most busy streets. If you’re stuck stateside, do some research on the Greek scene in your area. If you’re in New England, you’re a short drive away from some of the best loukoumades this side of the Mediterranean! Gre.Co, located in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, offers our customers six varieties of loukoumades as well as the option to make your own! Come visit us today to try our loukoumades!